We Are A Small Business Too!

Dremex is just like your business, we are a small business, we have some of the same issues as you do. We need to get known by customers like you, to engage, to keep your attention, provide value, generate trust, and most likely stretch a business relationship. We started Dremex because we are so much like you, just with some tools and knowledge in the web and marketing field.

What Do We Do?

At Dremex we serve small businesses and entrepreneurs with web and marketing problems. We are creatives at heart therefore we are always having crazy and cool ideas to make you stand out with a fancy website, or kickass graphic design, or an awesome video. To top it off, we even help you get your company’s name out there with ad campaigns to drive new opportunities to your business.

Web Design
We got you covered from a regular website to an e-commerce site or online shop
Ad Management
In order to have more clients you have to get your company known. Is simple, advertise.
Design is critical. We like things that are aesthetically pleasing. Our team can help you!

Do You Qualify To Be Our Customer?

If you are an entrepreneur or a small business with no website or a not-so-good-looking one, then, yes, you qualify to be our customer. We want to partner with leaders, like you, who believe in their products and services and don’t give up on this entrepreneurial journey.

How Does It Work?

Once you become one of our clients you will have access to our Customer Portal. Is a cool tool where you can submit all your requests via tickets. Our team will dispatch this ticket and get to work on it. Our process is simple:

  • Log into our Customer Portal
  • Submit your request via a ticket
  • We will get to work on your request
  • Once your request has been fulfilled, we close it
  • We move to your next request
24/7 Customer Portal
This is our main hub and how we will drive our relationship with you. It is always available.
Services like ours tend to be costly, but we made it very affordable for you.
Top Quality
We provide top quality work so you can outshine your competition.
We are experienced professionals with a passion to helping small businesses.